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Atmic Vision:
Expanding Horizons

Now available online at:

Lemur Music

Atmic Vision in India

Indo -American Fusion

Dr. Paul Erhad - Double Bass
Annada (Butto) Prasanna Pattanaik - Bansuri
Muthu Kumar - Tabla

“Each member of Atmic Vision is stunning in his virtuosity.  Atmic Vision's music has an indomitable and irrepressible life force. The image I get is of a dandelion pushing its way through concrete.  This is only the beginning of an even more profound capacity to touch audience members with a pureness of joy I no longer thought was possible.” 
S. Vaughn, member for
20 years, Metropolitan Opera


 5 short segments of "Vigneshwara" Fast song, Raga Jait Improvization, "Prema Mudita" Slow song, Tabla Solo in Teental, "Chitta Chora" Jazzy song

PODCAST from Elisabeth Morrow School in New Jersey.

More Videos on VIDEOS page

“Some tracks (of CD Expanding Horizons) have an upbeat, dancing feel while others send you off into a space of transient, imagery-filled peacefulness.”
Colorado Daily

Latest News!

ATMIC VISION's 2011 Tour: The upcoming October 2011 Tour of concerts and Indian music workshops will include Colorado, Oregon, and Washington State.  Atmic Vision has also been invited to perform at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. 

Please stay tuned for details.

- Atmic Vision's 2nd CD is due for release in mid-2011.

- New videos are available on the VIDEOS page.

- Atmic Vision has three interactive clinics for University aged music students.

- Layaa is Muthu's one-stop solution for all your musical, entertainment, event and learning needs in Bangalore.


ATMIC VISION's 2008 Tour: Atmic Vision performed concerts and gave the "Expanding the Horizons" Indian music workshop in Colorado, Illinois, Wisconsin, Nevada, California,and Paris France.

Atmic Vision has reached out to over 9000 students in 2007 and 2008 with the ‘Expanding the Horizons

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