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Atmic Vision:
Expanding Horizons

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Indo -American Fusion

"Delightful, soothing, mesmerizing, tranquil, empowering, enlightening and culturally diverseThe Chronicle News

“Spellbound throughout, totally into the music, our audience sprang to its feet for a spontaneous standing ovation  
S. Hazelrig, Director, Hazlerig Music House

AV Bangalore

Muthu, Butto and Paul in India

Energizing, inspiring. healingATMIC VISION tunes into the positive powers of raga-based Indian music to awaken joy in audiences of all ages!  Atmic Vision means seeing the oneness… creative essence … consciousness… love… Atma… that pervades the entire universe.  ATMIC VISION’s music brings to life the ancient Indian philosophical principles of Sathyam, Shivam, and Sundaram (Truth/Unity, Goodness, and Beauty).  ATMIC VISION’S unique NEW SOUND, a fusion of the soulful double bass, the enchanting Indian bansuri flute and mesmerizing tabla drums, creates an exotic musical experience that uplifts and captivates audiences.  Atmic Vision soars, grooves, dances, and reverberates with jazzed-up Indian melodies and rhythms. Audiences are transported "with a pureness of joy I no longer thought possible." S.Vaughn, Metropolitan Opera, NYC.

AV in Paris

Atmic Vision performing at the Paris Conservatory during the International Bass '08 Festival

As K. Bowers, Director of the Panida Theater, writes: "Atmic Vision was one of the finest concerts ever performed on the Panida stage. The incredibly beautiful music took me deep within, spoke to the core of my being, moving a part of me that I'm not in touch with enough.   But I found that as much as I wanted to remain there, I also didn't want to miss the opportunity to watch the musicians play.   All masters of their instruments, their precision was engrossing.  Not only was the music mesmerizing, but also the ease, familiarity and the perfection in which the instruments were handled, is something to behold.  Foreign to the American eye, the tabla, flute and double bass combination played in the traditional Indian way held the audience in reverence.”

TOURS: The upcoming 2011 Tour of concerts and Indian music workshops will include Colorado, Oregon, and Washington State.  Atmic Vision has also been invited to perform at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.  2005, '07 & '08 tours have brought Atmic Vision's music in 43 concerts to audiences in 10 states from New York to California, and Paris. Venues have included universities, churches, concert halls, theaters, recital halls, and community centers.  A highlight of the ’07 Tour was Atmic Vision’s New York City debut at Symphony Space.  Atmic Vision has been featured on TV and live radio broadcasts. Atmic Vision’s popular first CD, Expanding Horizons, was recorded in 2005. Atmic Vision’s highly anticipated second CD, Sunrise at Kanyakumari, is due for release in mid-2010.

INDIAN MUSIC WORKSHOP: Atmic Vision’s interactive “Expanding The Horizons” Indian music workshop has actively engaged 9000+ students in over 50 Indian Music workshops at schools in Colorado (many supported by University of Colorado Outreach), Illinois, Nevada (4 schools set up by Las Vegas Dept of Secondary Fine Arts), New Jersey, New York City (7 schools tour endorsed and funded in part by NYC Dept of Education), Wisconsin, Wyoming. 

Videos of RHYTHM and RAGA segments from the workshop can be viewed on the Indian Music Workshop page.

AV Trinidad

Atmic Vision performing in Trinidad, Colorado

For university aged music students, Atmic Vision has three educational clinics that draw upon the group's unique East-West approach to music performance: 

1) ‘It’s All In The (yoga) Breath’ for wind players

2) 'Playing In Tune' for string players

3) “Improvise!’ for all instruments 

Paul, Butto and Muthu also present traditional masterclasses for double bass, woodwind, and percussion students.

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