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Atmic Vision:
Expanding Horizons

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"Meeting of worlds & music" Times of India, Nov '08 (.pdf)

"Delightful, soothing, mesmerizing, tranquil, empowering, enlightening and culturally diverse" The Chronicle Times, Oct '08 (.pdf)

"Muthu Kumar is one of Bangalore's best-known tabla players and teachers." The Hindu, Aug '08 (.pdf)

“Each member of Atmic Vision is stunning in his virtuosity.  Atmic Vision's music has an indomitable and irrepressible life force. The image I get is of a dandelion pushing its way through concrete.  This is only the beginning of an even more profound capacity to touch audience members with a pureness of joy I no longer thought was possible.”  S.Vaughn, member for 20 years, Metropolitan Opera


"One of the finest concerts on our stage (in 20 years)…the music was mesmerizing.”  K.Bowers, Director, Panida Theater

“The music is great, so new, so fresh! The positive chemistry of the musicians creates an enthusiasm that draws the entire audience into the music.” G.Arndt, recording engineer

“Atmic Vision plays inspired music.” Indian Express, Bangalore

“Some tracks (Atmic Vision’s new CD Expanding Horizons) have an upbeat, dancing feel while others send you off into a space of transient, imagery-filled peacefulness.”  Colorado Daily

“Spellbound throughout, totally into the music, our audience sprang to its feet for a spontaneous standing ovation.”
S.Hazelrig, Director, Hazlerig Music House

“The crowd loved Atmic Vision. When they were done playing, the audience swarmed the stage and asked a million questions.”  L.Opitz, director, Broomfield Auditorium

“The music was absolutely incredible and I came away very inspired.”  S.Drogsvold, University of Colorado Museum



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