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"Expanding the Horizons" Workshop

Expanding The Horizons” Indian Music Workshop engages students by bringing the music of India to life in a personal and interactive way.  Horizons are expanded through active participation in singing aspects of melody, rhythm, and emotion in Indian music. Students benefit from question and answer opportunities with the musicians.  As students gain a richer appreciation and understanding of Indian music, the workshop also builds cross-cultural bridges of understanding through the universal language of music.  Students benefit by seeing people from diverse cultural backgrounds work together in harmonious and respectful unity. 


“I just want to let you know that I was so deeply touched by your music emotionally and intellectually. What a rare and wonderful experience the three of you provided for the East High School students. My students came into my office after school so excited about what they heard today. One of them decided that he was going to study tablas!! Actually to use the word "excited" is probably an understatement of what they experienced. I also thought that the way you presented things was wonderful and could not be improved upon. The kids were initially drawn in by the brilliant music and then the explanations enhanced the listening experience for them as did the group activities that actually involved their vocalizing, etc. Thanks again for a fantastic experience.”
- Music Director, East High School Instrumental, Denver, Colorado

EH Students Denver

“Thank you to Atmic Vision Indian Music Trio for performing at our school. Our music students were thrilled to have the opportunity to listen to a combo of flute, tabla and bass. One of our students commented that she thought "it was amazing to mix the double bass with Indian Music."
- Assistant Principal of Music, LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts, New York City

“I really want to thank all three of you again for an incredible program. I have never seen students so completely absorbed in a concert or program before. I had students stopping me in the hall all day to tell me how great it was. You had a perfect mix of education, performance and student involvement. As important was the spirit we could feel. There was not only the obvious love and mastery of the music, but the three of you radiated a warmth and peace and caring that I wish I had better words to describe. You truly made an impact on the minds and souls of our students. Any school that has you working with them is going to be very lucky.”
- Teacher & program coordinator, Columbine Elementary School, Boulder Colorado

Muthu EH San Luis

“All (students, faculty and staff) who attended the five terrific Atmic Vision workshop sessions enjoyed the superb musical performance presented by these three virtuosos. Dr. Paul Erhard, spokesperson for the ensemble, did an outstanding job as the emcee, giving valuable information of the music being performed. The selections of ragas and the superb artistry of the trio were very appropriate for the type of student attending our school. The audience was enthusiastic, appreciative and attentive. Members of our music department were pleased at the high level of performance and professionalism demonstrated by these talented artists we hope to hear them again in the future.”
- Assistant Principal of Music and Fine Arts Department, Stuyvesant High School, New York City (NYC’s top high school out of 32 schools)

AV EH Denver East 2008

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